Some changes are taking place in the next couple of weeks at your favourite vegan plant-based restaurant in the heart of Birmingham. We have already started some of these (you may have noticed).
However, to make these changes we shall be closing fully from Monday 4th – 10th March 2019, inclusive.
(Due to unforeseen issues this is now the new date for works).

The exciting changes will include the relocation of the bar and a brand new layout for it, this will also create a separate lounge (although still open) from the main eating area. This lounge will enable a bar and lounge service at a higher service level and create space for the array of guests asking about holding different vegan and community events, as well as corporate interactions on occasions. Subsequently, the hot and cold buffet will sit where the old bar did next to the kitchen. Adding to this we shall be putting a service counter through to the kitchen allowing for kitchen views and also swifter service for the team. The hot and cold buffet system will be refreshed with new units on order (we hope they arrive in time).

We are constantly complimented by our beautiful range of plant-based luxury desserts and cakes that are made locally by our independent supplier. We are looking to increase the range and shall be introducing some brand new lines too, which the team have joyfully been product testing. This will mean that we can also be a little more flexible with pricing and what is included within the offer too. i.e. ice-creams, sorbets and couliś. Supporting this we shall be looking to reintroduce a display fridge to fit perfectly allowing you to see much of the range on show. We eat with our eyes.

There will be other tweaks and changes around furniture, signage and decor but we’ll leave this for you to spot for yourselves.

Finally, we are making some changes within the kitchen that shall allow for greater flexibility in the kitchen.
Therefore, we shall also be introducing a brand new menu with some amazing new dishes within. These will include brunch (yes we will be opening from 11am each day), sharing dishes that include a mezzé board and there shall also be pizzas and some wholesome evening meals too. All in all, it will be a refreshing tweak to what we do well. The buffet will connastntly have new dishes created to bring in change each and every day (we don’t want people getting bored of this either).

Please pop in and see us as we’re here for you and want to share the joy of vegan food and our experiences too.

We are always grateful of feedback and work hard to make you happy. Please let us know about your experience and we encourage you to post pictures of your food and service experience on social media. (Facebook / Instagram / Trip Advisor)

We recently received some feedback about the cost of the desserts and queries about pricing?
We can honestly assure you that we work hard to keep our costs as low as possible but fresh food and local suppliers have a premium price. Everything is made with the finest freshest ingredients to ensure that you have the best quality experience and taste when visiting us, each and every time. Fresh food is our aim and vegan is our game. We want the best for you and us.

We hope you like the changes and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused during the changes.

The Natural Bar & Kitchen Team!