Hi to everyone and a big ‘Hi’ to you ๐Ÿ™‚

As we are feeling the benefits of this glorious sunshine we decided to fling open our doors today to allow all that goodness and warmth in. A paradigm similar to you our guests, or want to be guests, indulging in the benefits of our beautiful fresh vegan food, most of which thrives and grows effectively in the sun. At the same time we can think about all that goodness being consumed and absorbed into the body and the ongoing benefits it then has on the mind, body and soul; while allowing the animals of the world to also enjoy the warmth and benefits of the sun too.

Take a moment to think about what we are doing to help ourselves and help protect the life of others!

Above all, we have the perfect opportunity for you, your friends, or family, to titillate the tastebuds with an awesome array of freshly cooked or prepared buffet food, which sits alongside our main a-la-carte menu also. Open daily from midday and open until 11pm over the weekend (sometimes closing by 9pm on Sunday’s). Everything served is as fresh as the breeze skimming your face or the warmth of that sun-kissed skin. Our team of chefs work tirelessly to ensure quality and flavour is key when you need it most.

We thought a picture of the sun shining through our window would delight today as our guests bathe in its awe. However, it’s also a photo to become a memory in our archives as we are undergoing internal changes as from Sunday 3rd March 2019. We shall be closing for a week to improve our offering to our loyal and committed guests, and also to those still yet to visit. We make no apology for the improvements being made but we do apologise for any inconvenience caused during the upgrade.

We are committed to service and really want to improve our offering for the benefit of our staff and guests alike. Matt, Phil, Mel and the whole team,ย including Ezio and the kitchen team, are excited about the imminent work that shall see an improved bar and lounge area, enhanced buffet facilities – improving freshness and quality, improved seating and a more open/visible kitchen area too! Adding to this we shall be improving our product range, upgrading the menu and working hard to ensure that staff training, knowledge and customer service are key. We want to be the best and we want you to experience the best, in our chilled but friendly homely environment.

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Until next time, keep it green and keep it clean!

Phil & The Natural Team xx