Did you know that you don’t have to be vegan to eat vegan?

How often do you hear people say ‘ooh you’re vegan?’ like it’s commenting about voting for the opposition or not washing your plastics before they go into the recycling bin. It’s something we hear often at Natural Bar & Kitchen. However, we’re here to tell you “It’s ok to eat vegan” it’s not going to take over your life like an obsessed cult leader or an outbreak of a flu epidemic.

Our philosophy is simply this, come and give it a try and if you like it, you can come back and try it again! We are not asking you to change your diet, although we believe you may once you see and taste how amazing our natural plant based vegan food is. The fact is, even if you eat meat, the chances are that almost everything else on your plate may be made up of fruit, vegetables, lentils, pulses or grains. Not forgetting the amazingly tasteful and entirely natural herbs, spices or peppers etc.

Our passionately dedicated chefs create all dishes fresh for each occasion, they aim to please. We use the finest ingredients to bring you vibrant colours, fresh flavours and an assortment of choices to ensure that your dining experience is one to savour.

It’s Veganuary!
They say you start living when you step out of your comfort zone. Reminding yourself that you are still alive and treating yourself, and your tastebuds, to a whole new range of flavours that have been carefully put together in a range of culinary delights that will ensure you appreciate every variation in flavour that is captured by the receptors of your tongue. Therefore, titillating your pallet and ensuring the most stubborn of minds that may have thought Veganuary wasn’t their thing, into now totally appreciating what so many have experienced and shared before them.

We are always really pleased when we see sons, daughters, partners and more bringing in newcomers for the first time to try our delights. The look of awe and excitement as they realise that being vegan is much more than a five letter word. It in itself is the art of understanding one’s body, appreciating the flavour and indulging in fresh and tasteful culinary delights that are specifically aimed at creating nourishing, wholesome and a healthy plant based diet that brings solace and substance to mind, body and soul.

It’s ok to eat Vegan!

If you are vegan and you already eat at Natural Bar & Kitchen then we are grateful and thank each and every one of you. Don’t be shy, bring your friends, your family or your colleagues. In fact, bring them all. We will work hard with the team, including all of our chefs that shall ensure we are trying our best each and every day to make it special the vegan way. We promise to work with the finest plant based produce and shall never use dairy, meats or traces of within our products and dishes.

Finally, we hope that you will enjoy the changes that will be introduced later this month, and into early February. Our aim is to improve the customer experience for each and every guest and for the team within.

Watch out for bar and kitchen changes, including:

  • A viewable ‘pass’ or ‘coordination’.
  • A reenergised front and back bar
  • A new ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ buffet food servery
  • Table size and furniture improvements inc seating & benching
  • Kitchen improvements that will help with menu choices
  • A Brand New Menu and more daily ‘Specials’ changes
  • Brunch & Sunday lunch is coming too!

Please share the journey with us and help spread the word as we are doing it for you and we want you to enjoy it too!

The Natural Bar & Kitchen Team